Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Best Hydration Packs for Tactical Applications

Staying hydrated is essential to the success of every mission. When deprived of water, focus begins to fade and, in serious cases, dizziness and confusion can set in. Drinking water after these symptoms have manifested is essential, but permanent damage can occur if too much time has passed. Drinking water continuously throughout a mission is the only way to keep these symptoms from compromising safety and security. So, we’ve put together a selection of our favorite hydration packs and systems for staying hydrated.

CamelBak Ambush 100

The CamelBakAmbush 100 is made from durable 500D Ripstop Cordura and fits discreetly on the back. This CamelBak hydration system comes with additional storage pockets and a low profile for a discreet look and snug fit. The pack is insulated with a closed-cell PE foam that’s perfect for keeping water cool, as well as padding against the body. This versatile pack is big enough to carry plenty of water without taking up too much room.

CamelBak Rubicon Antidote LR

The CamelBakRubicon Antidote LR is one of our most rugged hydration packs on the list. This beast of a pack provides plenty of storage room and holds 3 liters of water. The pack is equipped with a reservoir that evenly distributes weight and a durable delivery system that is leak-proof, as well as easy to use and clean. The internal panels are made from rugged MOLLE material that will keep your gear secure and last for years.

Geigerrig Rig 710

The GeigerrigRig 710 is a sleek, versatile hydration pack with plenty of pockets for additional storage. This hydration system is made from durable 840 ballistic nylon that can handle any environment and has a pressurized system that allows for spraying off, as well as drinking. The Geigerrig Rig 710 comes in a wide range of colors and a rain cover for extra protection.

CamelBak ArmorBak 100

The CamelBakArmorBak 100 is an extremely versatile and portable hydration system. This Mil Spec hydration pack is easy to use and clean and is made from durable 500D Cordura with 210D nylon lining. The CamelBak ArmorBak 100 has a leak-proof system and the patented Big Bite Valve for quick access to water. While this is a compact system, its portability, ease of use and durability makes it a great pack for any situation.

These are just a few of our favorite hydration packs. We carry a wide selection of hydration systems and engines for every situation. Which packs are your favorite and for what activities are you using your hydrations systems? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Tips for Choosing the Right Pistol Holster

Choosing the right holster is almost as important as choosing the right pistol. There are pistol holsters made from a wide range of material types and, these days, holsters can fit safely just about anywhere on the body. So how do you choose the right holster for your needs? We’ve put together some tips to help identify the right pistol holster for you.

Size Matters

You’ll want to make sure your holster is designed to fit your pistol. Handguns come in a range of sizes and your holster will need to be designed to accommodate the barrel length and the full width of the pistol. Forcing a handgun into a holster that is too small could result in a misfire, whereas using a holster that is too large could cause the pistol to fall out or be too difficult extract when holstered. Even compact and sub-compact pistols that can fit into a pocket should always be secured in a well-designed holster.

Concealed vs. Open Carry Holsters

It’s important to maintain the element of surprise in any combat situation. However, open carrying sends a clear message, as well. At Hydra Tactical, we have a wide selection of both open carry holsters that fit securely on the waste and concealed carry holsters that are inconspicuous and difficult to identify. This includes belt holsters, ankle holsters, various hip holsters and more. Choosing a well-hidden holster that does not sacrifice accessibility is key to staying safe and ready for action. We have holsters able to fit comfortably all types and sizes of pistols with options for soft or sturdy leather casings.


Retention may be the most important aspect of choosing a holster. Retention deals with a holster’s ability to prevent an assailant from obtaining your firearm. Retention features include the holster’s material itself, which aids in retention due to its ability to grip the pistol while holstered. Many of our holsters have thumb breaks that provide additional protection by only releasing the pistol after engaging a security strap with your thumb. Even the most experienced conceal and open carry holders can be caught off guard and a thumb break will provide the additional security you need to retain your handgun when it matters most.


There are many aspects to holster comfort. First off, you don’t want a holster that needs constant adjustments from sitting to standing, walking to driving. It has to be comfortable and fit snugly in place at all times. In addition, you have to be comfortable with it. Practice with your holster at the range before using it in public so you will have the familiarity necessary to draw and holster your weapon with accuracy and comfort in the event of an emergency. You should practice until you become as comfortable drawing your weapon as you are pulling your keys in and out of your pocket.

These are just a few aspects of choosing a holster we feel are most important. Choose a holster that fits your style as well as your needs and you’ll have a holster for life. What are your favorite holsters and what were your deciding factors? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

5 Reasons to Buy Tactical Gear

"Tactical Gear" encompasses a wide range of products used primarily by those who practice “tactics.” This would include members of the military services, law enforcement, security personnel, firefighters and others often found in uniform. However, other individuals out there may either need or want tactical gear as items used on a daily basis or held in reserve for any variety of eventualities. We’ll explore some of them below.

5 Reasons to Buy Tactical Gear:

  1. As an active-duty, law enforcement officer, your life may very well be on the line every single day, even when involved in something as seemingly innocuous as a traffic stop. While most police organizations will outfit their officers with a certain amount of necessary tactical police gear, there are certain things that may be missing from your assigned equipment that you'll want to purchase on your own. One example is a range bag for hauling everything you require when taking a trip to the firing range. You may also be in the market for a pistol case or a rifle carrying case.

  2. Active military members, especially those working in hostile areas, should be as well equipped as possible. However, we've all heard stories about soldiers not being properly outfitted for their personal protection. Many of these soldiers had to depend on family members back home to send them needed equipment. The number one reason for having military tactical gear is for SAFETY. Having a functional, tactical chest rig, tactical vest, plate carrier or armor carrier vest adds a degree of safety to the wearer that can't be overestimated.

  3. While not in the same realm of danger as our military warriors, paintballers and air soft shooters have tactical gear needs of their own, from footwear and gloves to helmets and tactical eye wear. You can't really be “overprotected!”

  4. Whether you're a fan of the old (or new) MacGyver television programs or find a certain affinity with Jethro Leroy Gibbs from NCIS, you know that having a quality, functional blade in your pocket is a must for everyone, whether working in uniform or on the civilian side of life. There are many knives from which to choose – just make sure you search for quality and avoid the “made in China – good for 30 days” versions. KA-BAR is a popular choice with the military, tethered to your belt or vest in a scabbard. For the rest of us though, a smaller folding knife is most useful.

  5. With so many TV shows about the oncoming zombie apocalypse and preppers gaining attention for their activities getting ready for numerous potential disasters likely to strike planet Earth, tactical gear has become much more popular. A quality flashlight is a given, but can we interest you in a superior hygiene kit? Check it out!